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a.s.d.  G.M.O. Gruppo Modellisti Origgio

Gruppo Modellisti Origgio

Welcome to our beloved world

Our experience


Our members are not only good at doing anything but fly in the winter season, give a display of their technical-scentifica in these documents freely downloadable products in the gloomy winter evenings.

When the GMO goes into the desk...

LiPo Batteries


A clever user manual and over used but on msiteriose LiPo batteries.

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A Piero Pandolfini brilliant program generously donated for free download, which calculates the torque required to move the movable parts of a plane.

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Our business card


There is our business card to standard printing 85 x 55 mm

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ENAC official document on the aircraft to the Steering Remote

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Below related penalties to offenses mentioned above
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Latest news that will soon be introduced by ENAC with the proposal of the EASA regulation
February 2019
Document 1
Document 2


Rome, November 15, 2019

Notice is given of Edition 3 of November 11, 2019 of the Remote Piloted Aircraft Rules.
The Regulation enters into force from the thirtieth day following the date of publication on the website of the Body and cancels and replaces Edition 2 Amendment 4 of 21 May 2018.


Rome, 14 July 2020
Amendment 1 of 14 July 2020 of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Regulation is available.


Rome, 4 January 2021
Amendment 1 of 4 January 2021 of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Regulation is available.

I Aero modeller


Do not want to be a manual on model airplanes but only some elementary notion for beginners and non-experienced person on the flight fields.

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LiPo and LiFe in short


A mini manual of use and beyond, on the very popular LiPo and LiFe batteries.

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